Adios for Flickr

The easiest way to export all your Flickr albums

Five clicks to get all your albums

Adios for Flickr is the easiest solution to download all your Flickr albums into separate folders. One folder per album. Original file sizes! BOOM!

Your Data is your Data!

We will never have access to your photos. No files are transfered to any server. The app will download everything to a local folder you select.

Video Demo (1:46)

"Saved me days of work."

I downloaded over 400 Flickr albums with just five clicks. That's awesome!

"Simply the simplest export app ever."

Everybody can use this app. Even my grandma.

System Requirements

You need Windows 7 or later (It's a 32bit download that works on 32bit and 64bit machines). On macOS you need at least version 10.10 (Yosemite).

You should have a) a Flickr account b) Flickr albums (formerly known as "sets") and c) enough space on your hard drive to download & unzip everything.

After unzipping your Flickr data (account data & photos and videos) Adios for Flickr recreates your Flickr albums locally. One folder per album.

That's it!

Any questions?

Check out the FAQ or drop me an email.