Adios for Flickr FAQ

Is it free?

You can download the app for free and use it for free up to 25 Flickr albums. You can even use the app for free to download and unzip your Flickr data if you have more than 25 albums. But to create the album folders locally, you need to buy a license key, which you can share with two friends (activate up to 3 computers and do unlimited exports per computer). Buy Now.

How does it work?

Adios for Flickr uses the Flickr Account data export you can find on your Flickr user settings page. It contains all photos, all videos and all metadata for your Flickr user profile. BUT all photos are in the same folder after downloading and unzipping them without using Adios for Flickr.

How to request my Flickr data again, if something changed?

Just go to your Flickr settings page and click on "Request this data again" at the bottom right. Then wait for Flickr email that the export is finished and start Adios for Flickr again.

How to request Flickr data for another Flickr user?

Open the app and open the menu (top left). Click on "Reset Flickr Login Data". Now you can login with another user on Flickr.

Is it possible to skip the Flickr data download? I've already done that.

Sure. Just start the app. Click "Get Started" and on the next screen, below the "Login Now" button, click on "I already downloaded my account data and want to skip the Flickr login".

Why is it a thing? Why not just using Flickr export options?

There is no easy way on Flickr to download all your albums. You can only download them album by album. Not nice :( Please read the article 5 ways to download all of your original Flickr photos and albums for all the details.

What about images which are not in Flickr albums?

Currently, they are not exported with Adios for Flickr. The current version does only export photos which are in Flickr albums.

But there is an easy workaround here. Head over to your Flickr Organizer, click on "Albums & Collections", create a new "album" called "photos not in albums". Then select "Your content not in a set" in the content selector at the bottom, click "Select all" and drag & drop all selected photos into the new album. Click "save". Please request a new account data export now on your settings page.

Why does the app does not use the Flickr API?

There are several reasons for it, even if the Flickr API seems really good:

How long does it take until my Flickr account data is ready to download?

It depends on:

It varies from some minutes to 2 days. Sometimes even up to 5 days if you have a lot of photos on Flickr.

How long does it take to download my Flickr account data?

It depends on:

How long does it take to create my album folders?

It depends on:

If you can (space?), select folders on your internal hard drive. That should be the fastest option.

Does a log file exist after using the app?

Yep. There is a link to the log file when the export is finished. You find the log file here:

But it's pretty boring, unless something went wrong.

The Download was interrupted. What can I do?

Just start the app and the process again. Fully downloaded files will be skipped to save you time.

Do the images contain all the metadata?

The images do contain the original metadata (like EXIF inserted by the camera) as you uploaded them to Flickr. They do NOT contain metadata like title, date taken, etc. you applied on the Flickr website.

Still have a question?

Drop me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

"Windows protected your PC" appears on app start. Now what?

Just click on "More Info" and then "Run anyway".

This message appears because I'm just a single developer and I don't want to pay several hundred dollars per year to sign my software builds for Windows, especially because I do earn less with it. And therefore you need to make two more clicks if you want to use Adios for Flickr. Sorry :)

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